Fall 2010

There is so much news to share with you this quarter! I’ll start by letting you know about a number of environmental efforts that are being led by County entities…

The BOCC was presented with the first County Greenhouse Gas Inventory conducted by the Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES), as well as a Sustainable Action Plan prepared by the county’s internal Sustainable Action Team. OES has also encouraged County employees to become more involved in environmental sustainability by hosting a new event series entitled “First Friday Sustainability Conversations.” Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) continues to support projects—such as the Green Valley Elementary School Rain Garden—that reduce negative effects of stormwater runoff. FCPS has also developed a new Schoolyard Habitat Program website. And finally, Frederick County's Division of Parks & Recreation (DPR) has been investigating the use of an innovative new technology to prevent algae and provide habitat: BioHaven® Floating Islands.

Technology has also been involved in a number of other recent efforts, including: using hand-held electrodes to gather information about fish diversity in local streams; installing a new type of pump to aerate ponds and improve dissolved oxygen levels; and developing a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) targeting tool to help identify the most effective placement of riparian forest buffers. Have an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch? If so, you can even download a new Chesapeake Bay Field Guide onto your i-device to help identify local wildlife and plants.

If you’re not as technologically- savvy, you can always help to restore our waterways through good old-fashioned tree planting and more. This fall, take advantage of financial incentives ($25 coupon) to plant trees in your yard or “Get Nuts for Clean Water” and collect acorns to support the state nursery and reforestation efforts. Or, get hands-on instruction on installing rain gardens at a free rain garden workshop (Saturday, Sept. 25).Visit our calendar of events and our homepage for additional MCWA news and opportunities.


Heather Montgomery
Community Restoration Coordinator
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