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Summer 2007

Have you enjoyed your first strawberry rhubarb pie of the season, farm fresh greens or sweet local cherries?  Summer is here with an abundance of great tastes and smells.  Fragrances are thick on warm summer evenings - the amazing fruitfulness of the natural world is cause for celebration!  This is a perfect time to enjoy hiking in our parks, sharing your love of fishing with a child, gazing on constellations in the night sky and admiring the success of backyard birds as they raise their families.

But the picture has some tough spots as well.  Can you believe the incredible hunger of Gypsy moths, determined to defoliate our oak trees?  Have you noted the growing awareness of the consequences of household and pharmaceutical products polluting our streams?

Tough challenges don’t have to prevent action - they can inspire it.  You’ll find much cause for celebration as you read stories on the Alliance website of communities working together on stream restoration, tree planting and rain garden projects.  Read about Watershed Stewards including the Kent Mason family, Libertytown residents particularly those in the Liberty Village Homeowners Association, St. Peter the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, and Libertytown Elementary, and St. Joseph Provincial House in Emmitsburg.  Those recognized provide examples and a model of excellent stewardship for the rest of us.

Would you like to learn about small lot farming techniques and programs?  How about how to make natural household cleaners?  Or possibly you’re interested in how to manage the forest on your small lot.  If so, please consider attending the Frederick County Landowner Workshop, an interesting workshop on Saturday June 30th at Kemptown Park in Monrovia.  The Potomac Conservancy, an Alliance partner, is sponsoring the event and lots of good information and fun are in store.  You’ll also get a chance to meet some interesting neighbors.  Check out our Calendar for other events and workshops as well. 

Let us savor the abundance of summer as we deepen our commitment to act more wisely.  Help us expand the Alliance community and improve the health of Frederick County’s watersheds.

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Kay Schultz

Community Restoration Coordinator
Watershed Management Section