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Stronghold Inc.
Watershed Steward

-Submitted by Mike Kay
Forester, Maryland Forest Service


The Stronghold Property at Sugarloaf Mountain was nominated as a Watershed Steward for their work in Forest Protection and Conservation, establishment of riparian forest buffers, agricultural conservation practices, research projects, and educational initiatives.

As part of their research and educational programs, Stronghold developed their Stewardship Demonstration Forest in 1991. Stronghold is currently helping to sponsor the Forestry 101 Program.


Cattle have been fenced out of streams, water troughs installed, and 100’ riparian forest buffers were planted on both sides of the perennial streams that cross the property.


Fifteen acres of riparian forest buffers were planted on this property in 2002.


Stronghold is working with the American Chestnut Society on chestnut research projects.


Young chestnut growing in the east field.

Gordon Strong had great foresight when he placed nearly 3,600 acres of forest in a protective easement when he started Stronghold in 1959. 
 Today the property is enjoyed by thousands of visitors who travel here to recreate and commune with nature.  The Executive Director, David Webster, Property Manager, Russell Thompson and dedicated staff oversee the property and manage it for numerous benefits.  bigtree
We are fortunate to have the Stronghold property here in Frederick County.




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